I have been going to Joel at Shen Clinic for over 15 years for acupuncture and herbs whenever I feel rundown and exhausted. It always picks me right up. Recently I've been to other practitioners there and they have all been excellent.

Yesterday I had a consultation with Joel and wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the great care I received.  Both Joel and his assistant were sincere , helpful and very nice.  Joel was very attentive and asked probing questions about my condition and history.  He spent a long time with me and also allowed me to delay payment until I had the funds. I felt very taken care of and am confident in both his wise advice and the efficacy  of the medication I received.  Amongst many so-called healers, I believe that Joel is the real thing.

I highly recommend the Shen Clinic.  I've had acupuncture from Joel and it has been very helpful.  In one case, it helped me heal from a painful foot injury.   I've also received herbal medicines from Joel.  In the last year, I had difficulty sleeping and nothing western seemed to help.  But the Chinese herbs that Joel gave me really worked!   It's almost miraculous.   It's well worth a trip to the Shen Clinic.  Joel and his staff are all very nice.

I have a ruptured disc. Didn't know it then all I knew was I couldn't walk without spasms of pain arching down my nerve pathways like a lightening bolt. I was told to try Shen Clinic. I called they said come. I went in and they treated me so well. When you are in pain that passes the 11 mark when someone is nice it takes it down a notch. I was placed in a room, with a heat lamp, massage, etc. I slept like a baby while they did acupuncture on my back. I was able to walk better when I left. I also bought some extremely good skin preparation that helps topically to relieve pain. I highly recommend this clinic.

I've been seeing Joel at the Shen Clinic for over five years. Initially I went for my severe seasonal allergies since my prescription medicine (Claritin, Flonase, etc) stopped working after taking it for so many years. I've gone for regular acupuncture and have taken herbs and have found that the combination has worked better than anything else in my 25 years of having allergies. I have also gone for various other maladies: back pain from an old injury, low energy, swelling, colds--and have referred dozens of friends as well. In particular, Joel has treated my husband for lower back pain and a girlfriend for infertility (she got pregnant and has a beautiful baby girl). Joel is wise, gentle, funny, and warm to boot. And I love his staff as well.

I've been going to Shen Clinic for over ten years now. Whenever I have pain or an illness, Joel takes the time to go over my case thoroughly. He is a knowledgeable and gentle acupuncturist with a good sense of humor, which also helps when one is in pain. I highly recommend Joel as a practitioner. Acupuncture has helped relieve my stomach pain, discomfort and stiffness from back and leg injuries, and fibromyalgia. Shen Clinic also offers Chinese herbal medicine from their large apothecary.

I just decided to try acupuncture this year, and I've had treatments from 3 different acupuncturists for my back, which I don't know how I hurt. The first was from a guy in Oakland Chinatown. To be kind, I won't mention his name, but as they say "the cure was worse than the disease". He said it was supposed to hurt, which I found out was a lie. The second was from an MD in San Pablo. The room was freezing cold and the results after 3 times were minimal. Then I found this place right around the corner from my house, Shen Clinic. Unbelievable, after 3 treatments from Joel, no backache, and it didn't hurt a bit. Check it out.

Joel Harvey has been my acupuncturist for many years. After spending over a year off work & being told that I'd never be able to return to my job due to a back injury, I tried acupuncture... with Joel... this was about 9 years ago, when his office was right off Solano. He treated me twice (or was it 3 times?) & I was back to work. He is excellent at what he does. His staff is very calm, very professional.
I honestly think that in addition to being a great doctor, he also has magical powers. I mean THE GUY FIXED MY BODY!
Great place for herbs for cold, flu, whatever...Wonderful to see the business grows over the years.

Great staff and selection of herbs. The family that own/runs the company is very knowledgeable. This clinic has eased my suffering more than once!