Shen Clinic Staff:

Betty Schreck, CFO and Founder, Shen Herb & Clinic

Angela Doyle, Inside Sales & Training Manager

Betty Schreck, CFO and Co-Founder, Shen Clinic Angela Doyle, Sales Manager - Shen Clinic
Betty Albert Schreck is Co-Founder of the Shen Clinic and Co-Founder and CFO of Dr. Shen's line of chinese herbal medicines. Betty manages the insurance and financial operations of both Shen Clinic and Dr. Shen's Chinese Herbs. Betty is often found upstairs punching numbers or slicing an orange. Angela works with wholesale vendors and does in-house trainings for store staff (Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.). You will also find her at the occasional trade show. She is a licensed Breema practitioner and has a background in counseling from the Interchange Counseling Institute. Angela oversees and manages the clinic on Mondays.

Michele Lin, Clinic & Ecommerce Manager

Tiffani Jackson, Clinic Assistant

Michele is in charge of the operations at the clinic and store front. In addition to ops, Michele is the in-house web master. She has a degree in Art History & Business and is currently studying to go into healthcare. You will find Michele here most business days chugging coffee or sipping tea and working on web stuff or orders. Tiffani can be found behind the counter at Shen Clinic. She is currently pursuing a path in healthcare and teaching yoga. You will often find Tiffani putting together herbal formulas or mailing herbs across the country/overseas.