Fees, Special Offers & Discounts

Fees reflect discounts for payment made at the time of service.

Service Fee
Acupuncture - Initial Visit $88
(includes consultation as well as acupuncture)
Acupuncture - Occasional Visits $68

Acupuncture -

Twice a week Visits

Consultation for Herbs $65

Massage / Body Work -

60 Minute (1 hr.)


Massage / Body Work -

90 Minute (1.5 hr.)

Low Cost Treatment Plan:

In many cases acupuncture is most effective when given two or more times a week.
To make effective care affordable,, treatments are $48 when done two or more times per week.

Please discuss your treatment plan with your practitioner to verify exact cost.

Over the Counter (OTC) Advice for Cold and Flu:
No Charge