Our History

Shen Clinic, Berkeley CAThe Shen Clinic was founded by Joel and Betty Schreck in 1987. It was previously located on Solano Avenue, in Berkeley. The clinic was moved to its current location in 1997, where it has become a well known Berkeley establishment.

In the mid 1990s, Shen Clinic began manufacturing its own line of Chinese medicines under the Dr. Shen Label.

Our purpose was to make a better, safer product using higher-grade herbs, FDA compliant labels, modern tableting methods, and no hidden drugs or additives.

Dr. Shen's are the authentic patent remedies, only without any drugs, dyes, animal products, or endangered species. Dr. Shen's imports only whole herbs, never herbal powders. By doing so, we can inspect the appearance and quality of our herbs, and insure the correct herb is used.

In 2001, Shen Clinic began manufacturing another line of concentrated herbal medicines under the Shen Clinic brand. These products are available only at the clinic and online at: https://shenclinic.com/collections/shen-clinic-herbs

In 2011, Shen Clinic moved from Shattuck & Rose after 14 years to our current location in Albany on San Pablo Ave. and combined locations with their sister company, Dr. Shen's Chinese Herbs.

Today, Shen Clinic is the foremost acupuncture and herb clinic in the East Bay, offering gentle experienced acupuncture, acupressure massage, and the Bay Area's largest selection of Chinese herbal products.