Dr. Shen's Chinese Herbs

Information about the Dr. Shen line of Herbal Medicine

Dr. Shen's medicines use only whole herbs, never herbal powders. By doing so, we can inspect the appearance and quality of our herbs, and insure the correct herb is used.

Fully insured contractors in the U.S.A. do all milling, mixing, slurring, baking, tableting, packaging, and testing. This ensures accountability as well as a quality product from start to finish. Standardized extracts are rarely used-and then only when an herb actually benefits from the process of extraction. Each batch is tested for dissolvability, mold, harmful bacteria, and heavy metals. Tablets are bound with a proprietary mixture of simple vegetable gums then shaped and coated for easy swallowing.

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No added candy coating, starches, dyes, drugs, unlisted ingredients, or chemical solvents are used. Endangered species are never used (plant or animal). Dr. Shen's tablets contain no animal products.